Sunday, July 19, 2015

The Future

The Future.

The dust of the future is slowly being created 
by the fumbling trickery hatched in a cauldron
red and black carried by its orphaned children
machinations that conquer bloodlessly. To strip
a humble proud people of ancient roles
trample honoured history under booted foot.

Empires have come, have gone. Traces remain
antique dreams that became cold nightmares, 
now lie shattered tattered on a debit page.
All employees retrained to become slaves
fed on tainted grains and fear - kill their brains
Coded creatures known by numbers - no names.

                     ©MRL July 2015


  1. This is a really powerful poem full of strong images - love it.

  2. Lin Hennessy said:
    Your poem, very strong, and very true...... luckily we have people, who hold the light, who see through the machinery. Pink Floyd, and John Lennon started the movement.

  3. You paint a fearsome picture with your superb poem. Brilliant opening line and amazing images throughout.

    1. Many thanks for your generous appraisal Rose. I just felt that it was something that had to be said.

  4. Oh you are writing poems. I devore poems up from my very young age. I will discover slowly what you are composing. It's music.

  5. Greetings Mia !
    You are very welcome to scroll through and devour all of my poems :) x