Monday, November 5, 2018

The Un-coffined ones

I watched in awe a million names drift ashore
grey white words floating on waves
To become absorbed gently on the foreshore
and beached at last for evermore.

Written in old unused script
names foreign unknown
from long ago and yesterday
The lost un-coffined ones.

Pedro, Sebastian, Antonio
Jon- Marie, Roberta, Siobhan
To name but a few
Names of the lost dead

Mourned and perhaps still loved
beneath the waves they lie deep
In the oceans depths untouched
No flowers for their graves.

© MRL November 2018


  1. Olá todos , aqui cada pessoa está compartilhando estas
    conhecimento , assim tem boa ler isto blog , e eu costumava
    ir para ver isto web site todos os dias .

  2. I have no knowledge of the above?