Thursday, February 22, 2018

Conformity never a fault of mine

It was all so long ago those other lives of mine
I was a son to parents that I did not understand
A pupil for teachers to lead me by the nose
To policeman who stopped to interrogate my moves
They’re now all gone, the authoritarians to their graves
While I in my preciousness am still alive, always a rebel !

Independent thought is my means to find another way
Look at old problems turn them on their head
Every scene looks better when turned up side down
Life is a spiral they say, except that I jumped its lines
My indomitable spirit threw away their rule book
For conformity has never been a fault of mine.

I am and shall remain on the outer edges of the lines
Escaping by forms that go beyond expectations
Living the life of freedom, committed to eccentricity
Challenging political nonsense, lifting lids peering
Beyond the stale and stalled to seek an alternative
Prance ostentatious ? Yes that it may be but mine!

I seek not followers, for lead I shall not
Other than to encourage you to find freedom
To think and inwardly deliberate on how to abscond
Those chains of command, rules and obdurate laws.
For I drank before my birth from a cup that screamed
Loudly of Liberty!

   © MRL 22/02/2018

Thursday, December 28, 2017



Grey clouds flow from Northern sky

with double-edged Puritan intent

Flexing sharp scythes to sweep

southern slopes on Shannon drowned pastures

A dismal day’s dark display of religion

The twenty-fifth of the twelfth month

Gone now and far away.

As dead as slaughtered birds

beneath a butchers knife,

A cold turkey.

©MRL 2017

Tuesday, November 7, 2017


Thrown back in time
No fault of my own.

As watery light falls
Greenly through glass

While fumes flow lazily
Up black chimney stack

Smiling smoke turf flavoured
An ambrosian dessert for all

On this ancient day
Ruled by sullen sky

 SAMHAIN has birthed
A new season

Winter is her name

born on
 7th November 2017

Heralded by a shaft of Light
in Tara’s Mound of the Hostages.

© MRL 7/11/17

Friday, June 23, 2017


As lips 

partially apart

open forms 

free fall

gentle notes

musical airs

auricular shapes

whispered whims


phrase fruited 




©MRL JUNE 23 2017

Tuesday, June 20, 2017


Grenfill Tower

Conservative corporate criminals 
Patently corrupt all human law
avoided fire recommendations
Cared nothing for Safety
other than a rich salary
or a knighthood, perhaps ?

It was avoidable you know 
those tides of hot dense smoke
flamed a flow of terrible anguish
ceasing as cindered corpses
or as unrecognisable dust.
All of those deaths unnecessary. 

Survivors at your feet mrs may
only wanted words of remorse
care, respect and tenderness.
Your burden. Tory truth prevented
Killed immediate contact silenced
your poisonous tongue. dead.

We know now what was hidden…
Decision to avoid action. 
Take a risk, Save a few pound.
2009 to 2017 was it worthwhile mrs may ?
Not your life gone up in smoke
and none of them your relations.

Callous Conservatives caused
Grenfill Tower deaths.

©MRL 2017

Thursday, February 9, 2017


I saw a Black Crow with wings outstretched fall
from a corner of my eye.
Swoop darkly down disappear 
Gone from sight
I wonder was it really there ?

Perhaps an ill fated Welsh omen yet to arrive
my ancestors blue black
Blew this apparition across fields of time
Their conjurer Llew ap Llwyd ap Adda
who caressed Eve’s loins knew how to do
An apparition.

©MRL Feb 2017

Tuesday, December 6, 2016

Poetry Indeed !

I have long been tormented by poetry, 
tortured by lines calling me from their depths, 
in early hours before dawn. 
When even my house was asleep. 
To rise and sit at a wooden desk with pen in front of paper 
and write all alliteration that comes to mind.
Fec ! 
It is enough to drive drinkers mad, 
such prattle, poetry indeed.

©MRL Dec 2016