Saturday, October 29, 2016


Mistress wind kisses
sweet deciduous trees
her lips sap savouring
sucks caresses
every leaf dry
To paint
Samhain colours
Pale yellow
Red Gold - Bronze
and lays a lovers blanket
to dissolve
Upon the ground.

© MRL Oct 2016


management said The Yard is closing with effect - immediately
I saw in a dark corner a senior foreman weep
heard another knee deep amid wood shavings cry
It went against the grain this……for my father said
“Big men don’t cry”
I shouted at his grave the Sea and said
“They do, they do !”

Watching waves of tears flow once - unknown
Fears of a future wrecked, washed up - beached.
scattered stocks held craft part built
never to float or taste the salt
Idle debris of design and trade
For a century of industry has ceased.
While grown men weep.

© MRL 2016

Tuesday, October 11, 2016


Between blue and green 
I sleep dream
glide givingly
float freely 
to slide silkily supple
as a breath of air
to She a gilded golden
sunset singing softly
her hymn - my twin.
We one being.

© MRL 2016

Monday, October 3, 2016


A blossom of old faces stare silently on old walls
none drawn by a human hand just nature in relief.
Some on raw ancient weather washed stone,
others rendered on a lime sand mortar mixed.
Women wearing hats not now seen and hairstyles unique
while men bucolic bellicose frown and stare down.

Others too stay hidden unbidden creatures
seemingly fossilised in servitude to ancient gods.
They are infused amid green leaves to shrunken brown
in hedgerows around wild wooded forests lurking
Barely discernible, threatening my eyes to espy 
their existence these the old dead and yet alive!

© MRL October 2016