Tuesday, November 22, 2011


A Lover 

In eastern sky a flame cherry orange-red 
sends thin fingers to slowly caress a dark silhouette
Reaching across tree tops, pinnacles of mounds, 
plains and hill sides of deep moist valleys
A gradual warming is released, 
sending a distinctive perfume to kiss
as a warm breath on a lovers cheek.
For dawn is bright light
and a Lover has returned
to she who is Great Mother.
His potent gift is all 
hers to have 
to bear 
fruit on earth.

©MRL  22-11-11

Friday, November 11, 2011


In War.

Lie poor boys the dead of both sides
who gave all
profit to ammunition manufacturers.

©MRL 11-11- 2011

(composed on the anniversary of my late mothers birthday)

Wednesday, November 9, 2011


On Samhain' Eve
a fire burned and candles flamed
under a waxing moon in a starlit sky.
Walked a single silent file of druids
thrice around a standing stone
each round a blade of the awen.
Forward then to a ritual home
breasted by elder,rowan and oak
a sacred circle awaited secrets.
Each hooded figure called
across the winds of time
ancestors, gods and fae folk
to bring their speciality
wisdom, history and humour
with old tales now forgotten
of mystery and magic.
The ancient ones live on
alive in their memory
they wander to imbue the land
and through the veil inspire
open minds with gifts.

(Let this then be a tribute!)

©MRL 08-11- 2011

Monday, October 24, 2011

2011 - 2

Strong She Wind

A southern strong She wind sings through trees
her decibels of inflexion vary as air pressure surges
I am infatuated by her elastic energy that combs
plucks leaves from treetops to prance as confetti

Her rhythm dictates our wedding dance
restful now she stirs a slight breeze
soft as silk with a rustle of satin
to subtlety caress gentle tears of joy

Stillness within her centre
restfulness peace
stationary air bides
a sublime quietness

Her strength of passion orchestrates
movements designed to hungrily probe
blow, fan without reserve to salivate
an orgasmic crescendo of lust.

© MRL 23-10-2011


Wednesday, September 14, 2011

2011 -

Old Ways

In our dreams.
We soften often old rustic life.
to live under a cosy thatch,
drink water from a spring well,
warmed by log fires
bake bread on hearth,
sit with doors unlatched
scratch pictures on frosted glass
And never mind the Rats!

©MRL 19 - 09 - 2011


A Birthday Greeting to a Lady Lawyer

May the sunlight glisten in your hair
bringing warmth to your heart;
let the moonlight bathe you
with gentle caresses
and the starlight
put twinkles in your eyes.

© MRL 13- 09 - 2011

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Driving Force

Driving Force

It's hard now
to recall that driving force
which raged stormed
through my mind
all those years
of apprenticeship.
as images struggled
to shape
lines of thought, words…
to mould twist pound
conjure clay
pliable grey matter.
my rules I learned
by listening
hearing rhythm
slow - sound - spaces
important gaps
tones of oration
coloured vibrant
free flying
love language
sent to torment
warm tears
in a readers

© MRL 06-09-2011

Saturday, June 25, 2011

Ireland Inspires 2007 to 2010

Coole Park in March Twenty Ten

Coole Park in March Twenty Ten
Blackbird song under sun
echoes in sparse gentle rain
Through trees a breeze whispers
rattles twigs on bare branches

That wait expectantly to birth
bud leaf as hesitant Spring lingers
Above gravelled paths trodden
through woodland to lake or garden
Hidden old voices traverse converse

Tracks to collide with modern mind
to hear the intonation, an energy
A creative literary expression
borne in tranquil ancient air
Old inspiration so very rare

To kindle bright fires in the mind.
as a line of white ferries queue
On lakeside to carry earth spirits
from shore to shore across time
Past beyond AE or Yeats or Shaw

Where Tuatha and their Gods dance
forever, still alive noble proud race
On glowing illumined waters an entrance
extends past finger tips pens paint a grace
That human kind interprets tenderly.

As fragile as glass, as bright as bronze
a glimpse of fianna, faery and sidhe
Rise in wood smoke before our eyes
cry tears bereft of a child's vision, yet
We listen and yearn again to see.

©MRL 01-04 -2010

A Request.

I ask that
She Moon with her energy,
shines, surges in subtle dreams.
As keen as a gulls cry,
over tranquil waves of sleep,
grants you the guiding symbols,
images and inspiration
That will fill your need
To let rhythmic
stanzas spread as seeds
from the pomegranate
to flourish in your heart.

© MRL Jan 2010

A Surprise

On a cold winter's morn a surprise !
Delivered to our door, a wide white mystery
A package from England.
Addressed in a hand I knew not,
a sender address & postal code so vague.
Yet vaguely it tripped my memory
'TA' ? Taunton' said my mind but who ?
For those that I knew there,
Now lie long dead

At the package I stared and felt carefully
Slim both ends yet fat in the middle.
Mystified I looked and listened
(No they don't … send bombs ?? )
So in normal fashion I tried
to prize paper apart - failed.
'Use scissors!' said She who knows
'O yes that's easier, how clever
Thank you' said I

The bright white outer layer removed
revealed a cat food box intricately cut.
Then playful poly-wrap with bubbles
that pop when squished.
(I enjoy to play as a boy !)
Layers next of fine dark blue tissue
with a carriage label attached
A private secret message from
A woman, an artist well read.

So unwrapped, lay a gift crafted by hand
In pride of place it now hangs
Captures early eastern light, flies
A Heron bright in clear centre panel
Etched, engraved forever in flight.
Our gratitude and thanks
to you dear liZZie

© MRL 2010

Dark chaos.

Darkness sweeps its cloak around us

drenches warm hearts to cool

desperate, morbidity forbears tears.

Long, still un-tidal nights flow raggedly

as misshapen dreams run wild, untamed

universal womb spins in chaotic time.

Ever silent solstice sun lies still

amid turmoil, mother earth She weeps

over wet rotted summers leaf - now gone.

Nature, nurtures near miracle, a shift

stirs skywards, time becomes unbent

Daylight has lengthened One minute.

Royally reborn, rested light returns to renew

fulfil ancient, unwritten charge - chaos is ordered.

The Sun returns vital and refreshed!

© 22 - 12 - 2008 MRL

The Charm.

In black purple cloak
a figure hidden
circles stone bare of foot

Owl's wing long dead
sweeps incense through
a white light night

Time to rhyme Moon
chant deep song
breathe intent charm

Quick as light
Bat dives and goes
In speed with feed

Chant alone chant together
Come sun warm rain
make flowers bloom

Shine petals bright
to feed Bees
for Druid Mead.

© MRL April 2008

The Hill of Tara

From the prominence of mound
Eye’s walk slowly across pastures
to where sunset merges green
and grey islands drift silently
in a rising tide of amber.
Our outstretched minds seek hungrily
a bread of landed sea-sky
to optically digest
the magic of a new dimension.

©MRL 2007

Spatial Battle

Unhindered swirling waves
born of an untamed power
rotated by Sun Moon energy
Whose long seas seek
scream a wild throaty roar

To smash the fortress cliffs
asunder; wet wearing winds
In unceasing hunger battle
Plunder an ancient guard
of old Devonian stone.
To reclaim space, land
on which to expand.
Pulverised rock - small sand
floods wide the old boundary
In pride of new sea-room !

©MRL Nov 2007


The Sparrow Hawk on patrol
soundless swift sweep of wing
Prey in sight divides light
To kill disappear beyond bright.

Creeps child of forest's edge
stop, listen, one white scream.
A rapid rapier's beak struck
twilight to red dark death.

A spiral hidden from sunlight
tunnels through black earth
Family cavern warm mourn
their rabbit summers first born.

©MRL NOV 2007


Only for the gracious cocoa bean
I would not be seen
upon the streets alive and well
instead my head
would be
Confined therein
a padded cell

O chocolate I do love
when all around me
go Mad
I eat a slab of the best
Fine and Dark
To stop me from
joining them
being Bad!
At night when all is quiet
I am alone to dwell
on frustrations of the day, Past.
Silently I slip away for a secret
I rip a dark rich bar
break in half!
and square by square
munch away.
Till endorphins do their work
and peace returns,
at Last!

My Goddess she comforts me
with subtly.
Her skin near black is velvet smooth
....... m'mmmm

My tongue laps, caresses her body
and as saliva gathers
I swallow her deep unto me

Know you then any better communion
to savour the wholly one
who is by another name

©MRL 2007

Monday, May 30, 2011

Ireland Inspires (1999-2006)


Midnight under Full Moon
I stood in silence, alone
Darkness wrapped around me
A cloak woven of mystery
That night

That night I was stone
A ghost from the future
Ancient ones drew near
The ever living spirits…
That night

That night
Out from dark clouds
Shone a swathe of light
Glimmering on bronze cauldron
Water filled, pure, energised
That night

That night
Whispered chants sang
In forgotten language,
a Tribute Echoed
over stone and plain
That night

That night arms raised in unison
Their athames one thousand
Carved a matrix
To the Mother of Creation.
That night
©MRL 29 .12. 99

Contrary to Belief.

With new spiritist s

I am greatly confused

by their

loud thoughts

long words


third party



like a spinning coin

one cannot see

their centre

for the edge!

© MRL 1984
amended 2005

You & Me

You and me shall we
Shall we find the place
Where goodness lies ?

On the horizon over there
From where the bird flies


©MRL 20. 01. 2000


Maiden will you dance
Dance, dance, dance with me
Circle right circle left
Intertwine, dance with me
Make the circle thine

Sense the rhythms wildly
Dance, dance, dance with me
From your heart great joy bring
Maiden will you dance
Dance with love sing with me

Maiden will you dance
Dance with me a circle
Raise the power of ecstasy
Dance,dance, dance with me
Feel the beat flowing through

Maiden will you dance
Sing of the Great Goddess
Lady of the dance
Sun, Moon and Planets too
Creator-ix of me and you
Dance, dance, dance with me.

©MRL 02. 01. 2000


They tell me I must change, change my ways
And conform to their understanding
They tell me that I will be free.
To unlock a door – you need a key!
I did that before and lost…..Me.

I like the richness of poverty
And the smell of FREEDOM
I crave the taste of inner joy.
What is it that they offer me?
I don’t understand ?…(I do)

I’m not a prisoner of society
To work from nine till six
I have the ability to pick and chose
The expressive temperament is my own.
I walked their road before….LOST.

Lost my identity, lived a lie
For a mortgage and a marriage
And danced every day to their tune.
I escaped clause and contract.
Re-discovered me as a plural identity

Not schizophrenic or identifiably mad
Just different, that’s all…..
They look at me and don’t see
The secrets that inhabit this body
Nor the Bloom, that buds in my soul.

©MRL 03. 01. 2000

My Eyes

My eyes have seen a jewel
Whose radiance red gold
Enflames my mind alive
Filling the heart with love
And my being rejoices!

©MRL 04. 01. 2001

‘For all the ladies that I have loved
and all the others that I never met..’


If I was wind
My gentle breath
Would linger caress
Shoulders to finger tips.

If I was rain, droplets
Would cascade gleaming
Diamonds brighter than light
That shines from your eyes.

If I was snow, flakes
As Rose petals, perfumed
By dawns early dew
Would cling tenderly on you.

If I was Sun, on you
No shadows would play
Only joy fun lights
Smiling beams all day.

©MRL 07. 01. 2000

HELLO ! ….said the ‘Stars’.

“Hello” said the stars
as she passed from above
Spiraling earthwards,
Brilliant, light as a dove.

She looks like Oliver
So they say
With the Lawrence’s long fingers.
All this on her first day!

With cousins all around
Their big faces peering down
(a pen is poised to record)
Lia’s every bill and coo!

Quietly, we old one’s wonder
What gifts has she brought
What will she do….?
Artist or Healer or very dis-similar

Her path she has chosen
With individual right
Lies a secret- well hidden
Held in her heart so tight.

As only a child of the ninth day
Of the first month
Will do!

©MRL 10. 01. 2000


Black bog pools stare, glassily
As dumb dark eyes to ashen sky.

Frozen fronds droop down in death
Prehistoric man long infused.

As chalk dust lies in clay form
Under grazed barrow hill.

And brittle grass crunches as glass
Underfoot as Heron pecks hungrily.

The glazed green pond on
Skeletal sinewy sticks, long.

© MRL 17. 01. 2000

An Epitaph for Tom Coffey
Jan 3rd

The wild winds of Winter
Blew strong all day
To take an old one home.

My neighbour,Tom Coffey.

All day they came,his friends

In cars of every class
To visit those that grieve
The Wife and The Son.

Up agin the Slieve Bloom
He will lie with his kin.
A man of the land, a farmer.

Lean, skin weathered by wind,
polished smooth
His head a shock of white locks.

With features chiselled like the land
His that borders The Barrow
Has gone to plough.

A field of bright stars!

© MRL 08. 01. 2000


From body filled chair
Memories misted seep
Into candle lit room
Slow shaping shadows
In half light dance
and glide the night away.

©MRL 02. 02. 2000


Magic wove its way
Around nine grey stones
Faerie light danced
As mortal man
Stood entranced
The Great Goddess
on a
Dark Moon night

MRL 27. 10. 2000


Winter’s sharp passion sings

Thro’ black brittle thorn limbs

Over old Áine’s fertile plains

Where summer ferns once grew

Lush: in valleys - hidden places

Deep where springs weep.

Eriu’s blood flows fresh, new

birthing stone frosted icicles

to glint in watery sunlight,

as the rapier
swords of youth.

©MRL 26. 12. 2001


Teach me Goddess – God to be Free
Hear the truth
See the truth
Know the truth
Speak the truth
Understand the truth
Defend the truth

Teach me Goddess – God to be Free
Know love
Give love
See love
Speak love
Hear love
Understand love
Defend love

Teach me Goddess – God to be free
To be Sincere.

©MRL 29. 12. 2002


Some call her Mother. The Mistress of this land

Her body hidden haunts wild places for man

Whose calloused raw hands worked nippled

Cairns to stand proud on mountains

Hunted, fought bloodily among heathered tresses

Ploughed deeply her fertile plains to feed

Warrior lords, foreign, crippled with greed.

In Her a sea smooth cave, that once sheltered Fintan.

Crabs with dead mens fingers, sought a womb watery grave.

To rebirth rebellion - Freedom and the marrow

Of Her Favour!

©MRL 11. 09. 2003

The East Wind

O cruel are the days of an Easterly wind
to blow on door and take heat from hearth.
Hated like an English plague, an over lord from history
no mirth, no joy, no wheat all gone to Save Your Majesty.

Safe are we when West wind blows Atlantic freshness,
that delightfully dances, disinfects with merry airs
A breeze tuneful and warm; strong grows the harvest
for I gladly await a plentiful Lughnasadh to celebrate.

Rich berries plump and ripe, golden barley growing tall
the song of a thresher amid the corn, a maidens gift to all.
Apples for the first cider an amber liquid frothing forth fills
Tankards, that raise high to toast The Goddess Mother's will.

©MRL 01-07-04


Out there minds walk
as tall as buildings
Sinuously connected
their vibrant filaments
pluck the forehead

From out there
a tweak, a vibration
Beyond our physical
manifests a subtle signal
tuned from a spirit sister

Pulses a sub rosa magneton
an essence sublime
of the Goddess
iradicates thought!

©MRL18 - 02 - 2004


O Slender goddess,O Sylph,
O Green Woman!
Living in a world of verdant veils;
You contain all mystery of life.

Like Moon your sister, together
Dressed in feathery dark dreams
that tease, tempt and torment
Passionate fevers in men.

No touch, taste, sweetness
spice or aroma can measure
Maintain or acclaim the qualities
Of your Deep Sisterhood.

Jewels of the night sky twinned
In pale countenance, thy beauty
Pervades all mental stability
to scream your secret name.

Dazzled is the brain,
muted the mind
silent the voice
all is

MRL © 2004

There be times.....

that I would be glad to be a hermit in some distant land,
away from all the troubled people.
I'd sit there in splendid isolation believing in my simple way,
that all the world were perfect in being happy like me.

You see I don't ask for much as I gaze up at the stars
and they being very distant,. Only twinkle back at me!
So tiz easy to believe that all is love and harmony
and ever more will be, since Venus passed in front of Sun.

So from damp little Laois I wish thee,
gentle warm winds and peace,
may the birds sing
and the stars twinkle to you too!

©Meflyn R Llwyd 17 June 2004


Alone with thoughts
glides solitary bird
in empty skies.

sour songs over wires
telegraphs mutely
crow clacking cawk.

a head wind sculpted
mountain face abrupt
interrupts flight.

Ascend to high sky
eternal etheric blue
chance select choose.


© MRL 07 -12 -04


At a distance

past the window
lie silent fields

barely green

between hedges

and further stands

of bristled brooms



new trees birth

in spectral mist

grey smokey

sentinels soft

drift amid old

summer’s growth.

© MRL 12 -12 - 04


Large ice April cool Moon hangs over
Slieve Bloom hills

Illumines rider in long black dress
with white round Roman collar

and crucifix in hand out thrust
Hurries through foothills fast

Towards his eternal pit

Forever lost knowing not Love
nor warmth, nor pagan dance
Stag and Hind at old Bealtaine
whose rhythm's turn
A Great Wheel!

©MRL Oct 2005


in wind
fly low
over fresh
on cool


old velvet
on a
© MRL 25 -10- 05

My Lady

Beyond the stars she stood
Dressed in midnight blue
My lady .......a Madonna
Slight, stooped as in prayer
With half a turn glanced down
That moment gave life

Later, I saw her form
Dream like, not clear
My lady ... a madonna
In a maternal hue,
Full of expectant life
and bright were the stars
Amid heavens dark blue.

©MRL 1981

My Lady (ii)

Still and clearer now, still
My lady.......I see her
A diadem wholly of virtue
and from her brow pours
Kissed colours as sun-fires
Dressed is My Lady
In purest light.

© MRL 2005

O’ Sweetness

as exquisite
the mind

of expectation

Finger nail

in silence

for eyes
of cane

O' Sweetness
I Am
and again

©MRL 19. 06. 05