Sunday, November 17, 2013

Into the Heart of Isis

‘Into the Heart of Isis’

On a gibbous november moon she flew
leaving her earthly body
The last breath exhaled returned to source.
Olivia Melian Durdin-Robertson gave
one final act of farewell. 
Provided from a secret source 
she sprinkled Rosa Mystica on her friends.

A priestess high among many, a pacifist
an artist, an author and a scholar.
She served her dedicated mistress Isis
A life giving service.
Their teachings like stones combined
as mixed marbles of colour
will weather all storms.

Olivia a woman who enjoyed life
who knew heaven was happiness.
Her aristocracy melded well with socialism
giving a generous sincerity to all.
Convivial in company of quiet humour
she enjoyed a glass of port by the fire
As this poor poet and others know.

So do not mourn. 
Olivia is not gone from us
for she flew fully alive 
to the heart of Isis.
Rather rejoice in all that she taught 
in her life’s work of ninety six years. 

© MRL 17th Nov 2013