Tuesday, June 16, 2015

My Journey

I took a walk along the road to see what I could see
wildflowers peeped out and wild bees sung too me
All the while the sun shone gently down over my head 
above it crows and small brown birds flew in warm air.

A hen cackled, a cock crowed in some small stone yard
in the distance a dog barked, I listened to natural sound
Delighted to be me and to stroll in harmony, stopping
here and there to rest or peer through hedgerows.

I saw through bright leaves two heavy horses grazing
one as black as turf, the other dune coloured sand.
I dreamed of a four wheeled bow-top on open road
the clop of hooves, the waft of a tail swinging gently.

A camp site by a slow stream with friends at a wood fire
black tea in my hand, the chatter and companionship.
Perfumed as we were by wild bright colourful woodbine
Lives now only in cherished memory, all gone now, gone.

Awake once more to reality, I turn find a place to sit
fill my old briar pipe to offer smoke as a tribute.
On rising the legs are renewed, the feet soothed
as I take the long road for my cottage home.

© MRL June 2015