Monday, October 24, 2011

2011 - 2

Strong She Wind

A southern strong She wind sings through trees
her decibels of inflexion vary as air pressure surges
I am infatuated by her elastic energy that combs
plucks leaves from treetops to prance as confetti

Her rhythm dictates our wedding dance
restful now she stirs a slight breeze
soft as silk with a rustle of satin
to subtlety caress gentle tears of joy

Stillness within her centre
restfulness peace
stationary air bides
a sublime quietness

Her strength of passion orchestrates
movements designed to hungrily probe
blow, fan without reserve to salivate
an orgasmic crescendo of lust.

© MRL 23-10-2011



  1. I like the way the poem ebbs and flows and
    out at the end in the " orgasmic crescendo
    of lust." One can feel the energetic wind
    in the lines of poetry. Thanks for sharing this.

  2. Beautiful and so visual, Mel!

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  4. CARMEL D said :Some beautiful poems there Mel. Very eloquent indeed.


  5. Hello there! Thanks for stopping by my corner of the web. ^-^

    No other form of the written word can evoke such raw emotions, as can poetry. I have a deep love for poems, and am terribly happy to have found yours. May your muses guide your fingers for many, many more years. ^-^

    I am quite taken with your Odes to Chocolate at the moment. Especially the first poem. It made me laugh out loud. =D

    Hoping you're having a wonderful week! ^-^

  6. Ygraine said: On 'Strong She Wind'
    I love the union of wind and wedding!
    So wonderfully eloquent and evocative:)

    Very Best Wishes,

  7. I can see the drama within the trees as I take in each word....beautiful xXx