Wednesday, September 14, 2011

2011 -

Old Ways

In our dreams.
We soften often old rustic life.
to live under a cosy thatch,
drink water from a spring well,
warmed by log fires
bake bread on hearth,
sit with doors unlatched
scratch pictures on frosted glass
And never mind the Rats!

©MRL 19 - 09 - 2011


A Birthday Greeting to a Lady Lawyer

May the sunlight glisten in your hair
bringing warmth to your heart;
let the moonlight bathe you
with gentle caresses
and the starlight
put twinkles in your eyes.

© MRL 13- 09 - 2011

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Driving Force

Driving Force

It's hard now
to recall that driving force
which raged stormed
through my mind
all those years
of apprenticeship.
as images struggled
to shape
lines of thought, words…
to mould twist pound
conjure clay
pliable grey matter.
my rules I learned
by listening
hearing rhythm
slow - sound - spaces
important gaps
tones of oration
coloured vibrant
free flying
love language
sent to torment
warm tears
in a readers

© MRL 06-09-2011