Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Driving Force

Driving Force

It's hard now
to recall that driving force
which raged stormed
through my mind
all those years
of apprenticeship.
as images struggled
to shape
lines of thought, words…
to mould twist pound
conjure clay
pliable grey matter.
my rules I learned
by listening
hearing rhythm
slow - sound - spaces
important gaps
tones of oration
coloured vibrant
free flying
love language
sent to torment
warm tears
in a readers

© MRL 06-09-2011


  1. Thanks for getting me here, Melvyn.

    I like to read poems like yours out loud to better catch the rhythm. And this one is vibrant, and filled with that wonderful push, pull, pound of the English language, a driving force that hints at the autobiographical and invites the reader in.

  2. The short lines suit this admirably in their reference, along with your choice of words, to a mechanical or engineering quality of workmanship. Surprising in a way, but they carry the thought well, and do not stifle the imaginative nature of writing.

  3. Tristram said:

    reads well of tranquility I see a sitting figure on a quiet coastal prominence
    deep in meditation.... adrift inthe surging rythmn of the
    littoral becoming literal

  4. I like the rhythm and tone in my voice while reading it out loud,the flow it just plain felt good let alone the meaning :) Debs

  5. Lovely words which I have found rather soothing after a very emotional 48 hours. Thank you.