Sunday, October 21, 2012

10 - 2012


Magical music fosters
Heart minds to rise
In a yeast of bliss
On hearing long notes
Played slowly - crystal clear
Smooth haunting melodies

Awakens Celtic elements
Moves Sky and Sea to Land
Silken clouds float in west wind
Bring Atlantic waves to flow
Caress the shore with a Kiss
 Lingering close as lovers do.

©MRL 21st October 2012


  1. This is indeed magical - beautifully written I love it:)

    1. Thank you for your comment Rose.

      I awoke during the night with the idea of making two slight changes- by removing 'ancient' & replacing it with haunting in the last line of the 1st verse; in the 4th line of the 2nd verse replacing 'Moving' with Bring.

      For some time now I have felt the need to honour the long slow note, that is frequently found in traditional Irish music.

  2. There is much in the long slow note that calls to one to be present, to be still, to feel the reverberations deep within. The poem is lovely.

  3. Mel, so very calming... beautiful... just the way I like to listen.

  4. BIRGIT said:

    Dear Mel,

    again I tried to leave a comment to your blog, but I couldn´t publish it.
    Here comes my comment as it should show :
    This long note you are describing so beautifully has always touched my heart. It sinks right to my soul and rises me to meet the moment and the beauty of creation. Thank´s Mel for honoring this enchanting tone.

  5. TRISTRAM said:
    With great fraternal warmth aye and bit o the Mead this
    has your mark of Cymraic
    Magik adds much of heart's longing to hear the gentle
    rise of inner pulse to list a while to music of homeworlds

  6. Listening to Celtic music all evening to provide the background and inspiration as The Muse carries me halfway through my novel--historical fantasy involving faeries and sprites. ;-)
    Wonderful poem! Thank you for sharing.
    (At this moment-- "Elegy" by Lisa Gerard and Patrick Cassidy on Immortal Memory)...haunting, moving, poignant....

  7. I love those last few lines comparing the land and sea to lovers. It is a refreshingly touching view; a juxtaposition to bad news of coastal erosion and pollution.

  8. Isn't it wonderful how such a haven of peace exists in within the chaos of the modern World - if only we look for it.
    Thank you so much for reminding me, Mel :)

  9. CARMEL said:
    Hi Mel,

    It’s beautiful. Even though I work with sound I would never be able to think up such a beautiful tribute as that. The long drone of the pipes is to me the sound of creation but I dont have the words or skill that you do so I appreciate your sharing very much


  10. You hit the nail there mel , and the haunting change was most appropriate, they linger around and tug at your soul, blessings, keep the flow of he Awen through those

  11. The ability to put beautiful music into words is an unique craft in itself.
    "in a yeast of bliss"