Thursday, January 3, 2013

01 -2013


I emit now and then a sigh! 
It rises from deep inside
A listener will ask ‘Why ?’
‘Nothing’ I reply adding 
‘Am just expressing an internal movement'

I travel often to my interior space
to examine what matters most.
In the silence of my mind
to reflect on past events and probe
future projects - the how’s and why’s

At other times grasping at the riches
of other peoples thoughts, fleetingly 
shared voluntary and stored on nano particles 
in my brain some good, some uncomfortable. 

That if spoken out loud 
I would run and hide 
Beneath the skin of my mind 
sharing nothing but deep sighs.

©MRL 01-01-2013


  1. I love it! I picture myself doing the same,I sigh quite often lol

  2. Oh, how true - I visit the same place within my own soul.

    I was thinking just this morning of how our world would be if the "authorities" had passage to our thoughts. It seems that is the direction we are allowing society to steer - I shiver...

    It is also one of the very few annoyances I allow myself - that someone asks me why.
    Please, leave it for me to sigh, and don't ask why!

    You have expressed this so perfectly. xx

  3. a hawks view. very deep and inspiring words

  4. You and Dale, that made a comment above, express this so well. I do sigh, myself. Along with making a few grunting noises when stooping and bending over...unfortunately. I notice the skin of my mind is become thinner too as I will talk and repeat to myself...often times in public.

  5. I too sigh, I love the feeling I have to say!

  6. I visit this place often fact, I sometimes take refuge here when life gets complicated and confusing.
    All the solutions are within that sigh, aren't they?

  7. Wonderful Mr. Heron. Shared and reposted on my blog with links and credit. Blessed Be. Jonny

  8. Sigh! so beautifully expressed :)

  9. Somehow this reminds me of the book, The Road to Quoz, by William Least Heat-Moon.