Monday, March 31, 2014


I have been asked to do a poetry reading  

I asked on what date 

She said on national poetry day

I bowed my head in gratitude

For this was something I never knew

To think in all my years of scribbling

When I wrote October is Golden

that this is what it meant!

And not the tumbling bronze leaves

nor the demise of a dear friend.

Where shall I start 

chronologically perhaps

At the beginning

When in my head two part lines tumbled

On searching they were never found

"through green swards we walked..

..lovers in a dew scented forest"

Timid,afraid of plagiarism

They were never used

Not even now not owned by me

Nor cannot be

Even though they echo in my head

Perhaps some literary buff

an academic of renown

Will quote from a long forgotten

little known dusty historic ode

To bring me down and into shame.

[to be on October 2nd 2014]

©MRL 31-03-14


  1. I presume you will be reading your own poetry. Have you got any of your own in a collection?

    1. Yes Tony !
      All that are contained on this blog are mine and the initials MRL are the first letters of each of my names.
      A few years ago I recorded 100 poems on to a disc, it was hard work and I doubt if I shall do it again.

  2. Replies
    1. Thank you for visiting Em and also for the comment.

  3. I like this one.....really good

  4. How fabulous those lines are! Unfortunately everything seems to have been written already and no matter how careful one is there is always a chance that one may inadvertently use a phrase that is similar to something that someone else wrote. I also research everything I write about just in case :)
    Congratulations on the reading, it will perhaps be difficult for you to chose poems for the reading from all your creations, but you do have
    until October :)

    1. Thank you for your comment Rose, accidental plagiarism with phrases is always a problem and perhaps more acceptable.
      In regards to the reading I shall start with an early one and go forward from there and mingle each with a comment on what moved me ... that's if I can remember !

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