Saturday, September 26, 2015

Two Echoes of Birr

In a library loft listening
as children’s chirrups 
rise noisily from below
Suddenly no sound
Am I struck deaf ?
No just power of “Shush!”

Sitting sipping coffee
on yellow chair by table
and eating cake.
I see her black bag with decal
of shining silver leaves
with bright picked pearls
Shining brightly.

© MRL Sept 26 2015


  1. I love this little poem, I love the visual contrast you create in the readers mind ...the drab library and the bright yellow chair ... and then perhaps also what you haven't said in your two echoes; In the first verse you ask 'am I struck deaf' but you left me feeling you might also have been 'struck dumb' by the lady on the yellow chair :)

  2. Rose you know me too well perhaps :)