Saturday, November 14, 2015

Paris est Forte


                                      City of Love grieves - Mourns
                                      Lovers laid low - Killed.
                                      By wanton terrorists
                                      Without reprieve - Wounded
                                      Our hearts bleed - Tears

                                      Paris is Strong
                                      History tells of - Warfare
                                      Invader, a Nazi - Neighbour
                                      Black boots in - Boulevards
                                      Ruled savagely - Executed
                                      Resistance & removed Jews.

                                             Paris is Strong !

                                           © MRL 14th Nov 2015


  1. I will never understand the mind or soul or a human being who could do such evil things.

    1. Unfortunately Janet, there are people who are capable of behaving badly, we only have to read up modern history, never mind ancient history.

  2. I wondered yesterday why we are so much more appalled by these attacks in Paris than we have been about the thousands dead in Iraq and Syria, for I am too. Then I realsed it's because those deaths have always been 'there'. It's been their war, not ours. These horrible attacks in Paris (including the Charlie attacks) have moved the theatre of violence to 'here'. We shouldn't be more horrified by these deaths, but we are. It's natural. This is Paris and not Baghdad. Paris belongs to us all. A beautiful tribute, Mel.

  3. Thank you Val, Paris is an iconic city and these criminals seem to take pleasure from destroying icons.

  4. May Peace, Joy, Hope and Happiness be yours during this Holiday Season and throughout the New Year.