Thursday, February 9, 2017


I saw a Black Crow with wings outstretched fall
from a corner of my eye.
Swoop darkly down disappear 
Gone from sight
I wonder was it really there ?

Perhaps an ill fated Welsh omen yet to arrive
my ancestors blue black
Blew this apparition across fields of time
Their conjurer Llew ap Llwyd ap Adda
who caressed Eve’s loins knew how to do
An apparition.

©MRL Feb 2017


  1. Across fields of time. My thoughts wandered off to leasons we never seem to learn and apparitions we fail to see. The irish names are lovely but lost. I liked this, Mel!

    1. Am sorry you din't understand the names Solveig they are Welsh this time around, the last name Adda you would know as Adam partner of Eve (?)
      Thank you for the comment.

    2. Ah, so my guess was right but welsh, that I did not now!Adda...Adam, history whispering!

  2. Quite right Solvieg and Llew is Lugh who in Irish myth is the God of Light and Llwyd translates as a colour blue-black plus with adding Brenin before Llwyd making Brenin Llwyd the God of Mountain Fog. I thought it only fair to reveal my secret :-)

  3. I'm honoured, Melvyn, there is great beauty in those words alone you know! Poetry makes them shine....

    1. Many thanks for your appreciation Solvieg.

  4. Jack L in Canada said :
    Hello Mel,
    I'm not very good at understanding poetry, but when I 'feel' something from it my view is that a chord in the mind has been struck...the association of your own Welsh ancestry alongside the fateful mythology of the crow or raven suggests, perhaps, re-occurring memories of much earlier generations of Druid who met an untimely death. Perhaps something in this poem whispers of future lives to be lived... or maybe past lives..that have been lived ? Is there a message given..perhaps. I'm rambling and as I mentioned not very good with poetry..but its what felt when I read it ?

  5. Thanks Jack; poems are strange animals they can have different meanings to different people and understanding them can change when re-read.