Thursday, May 26, 2011

Early words & thoughts


A seed of light stirs
the spirit raw is tempted
To climb rich meditative stair
Seducing our temple hearts
With known earthy rituals

We as lovers
awake the day pregnant
Within the breach
a new marrow grows
Our bodies minds full
ripe, in peace - high truth

Raises embryo pearls
conceived by Goddess
Yeast, wine, bread
fruits of love to spawn
in the womb of Love

A promised birth
frees imprisoned karma
Life and a new dawn
Nirvana on Earth
Born is heavens will

©MRL 1983


The being is twinned
or otherwise?
Duality flits as a ghost
silent to it’s secret tryst
lies face upon my face
Impregnating it’s features
gentle in expression
Smiles upon the cheeks
or otherwise
weeps in my eyes
A soul friend
in being
Mystically interwoven
the magic interplay.

Or is
super-nature synchronised?

©MRL 1983


She stood before me clothed
In cool deep peace, simple;
Unfashioned, evergreen girl.
With eyes that spoke so gentle,
Whose words were painted thoughts,
Our conversation was intermittent;
For her silence, said so much.

In interludes of quietness
grew visions of ancient things.
Artefacts from Neolithic man,
Wild moor, granite, wind.
The beat of an Earth Mother's heart
With the grace of an elemental being.

Thus she spoke, no more for
Revealed was the hidden Spring
That blossoms unobtrusively
In her permanence of evergreen.

Feb 1982.


In flickering flames
Shadows dance
Partnered with light
Above burning logs
A smoky memory unwinds

A railway carriage in Belgium
Rowing boats at Shaldon
The two-stroke Lamberetta
Walks on Dart and Haldon Moors
Yellow furze, the evening sun
Teignbridge and Becka Falls
To star lit Paignton

And a fun loving girl
Of convent grace
With jolly ho-ho laugh
Burned two summers long.

© MRL 1982


Love does
In flesh
of lust

Love does
in soul
the spirit

Love is
In unity


Me and Greg

We lived in houses
near each other
His Dad, my Dad
were mates together.
As kids, we cried
and played together,
at school our lunches
we shared together.

As life went on, we
danced and talked
Kissed and walked
and loved together
We wed me an Greg
we needed no other.

By the fireside we sat
Old, cold and grey
but together
His gnarled hands
in rheumy mine
and remembered
the past together.

And now, in this
damp, dark place
We two do share
as in life
Me and Greg
The worms together!

MRL © 1982


  1. Mel I always enjoy reading your words, and tried to pick one I liked best after reading them several times, and couldn't do it lol I liked them all, the last one Me and Greg made me smile, so I read it a few more times hehehe thanks for putting them out for us :) Debs

  2. Beautiful poems - I love the one called 'Evergreen'and the line 'for her silence said so much' is my favourite! Heron - thank you so much for sharing them with us.

  3. I find that my greatest pleasure after having composed a poem is in the sharing of it, so many thanks for your appreciation