Saturday, June 25, 2011

Ireland Inspires 2007 to 2010

Coole Park in March Twenty Ten

Coole Park in March Twenty Ten
Blackbird song under sun
echoes in sparse gentle rain
Through trees a breeze whispers
rattles twigs on bare branches

That wait expectantly to birth
bud leaf as hesitant Spring lingers
Above gravelled paths trodden
through woodland to lake or garden
Hidden old voices traverse converse

Tracks to collide with modern mind
to hear the intonation, an energy
A creative literary expression
borne in tranquil ancient air
Old inspiration so very rare

To kindle bright fires in the mind.
as a line of white ferries queue
On lakeside to carry earth spirits
from shore to shore across time
Past beyond AE or Yeats or Shaw

Where Tuatha and their Gods dance
forever, still alive noble proud race
On glowing illumined waters an entrance
extends past finger tips pens paint a grace
That human kind interprets tenderly.

As fragile as glass, as bright as bronze
a glimpse of fianna, faery and sidhe
Rise in wood smoke before our eyes
cry tears bereft of a child's vision, yet
We listen and yearn again to see.

©MRL 01-04 -2010

A Request.

I ask that
She Moon with her energy,
shines, surges in subtle dreams.
As keen as a gulls cry,
over tranquil waves of sleep,
grants you the guiding symbols,
images and inspiration
That will fill your need
To let rhythmic
stanzas spread as seeds
from the pomegranate
to flourish in your heart.

© MRL Jan 2010

A Surprise

On a cold winter's morn a surprise !
Delivered to our door, a wide white mystery
A package from England.
Addressed in a hand I knew not,
a sender address & postal code so vague.
Yet vaguely it tripped my memory
'TA' ? Taunton' said my mind but who ?
For those that I knew there,
Now lie long dead

At the package I stared and felt carefully
Slim both ends yet fat in the middle.
Mystified I looked and listened
(No they don't … send bombs ?? )
So in normal fashion I tried
to prize paper apart - failed.
'Use scissors!' said She who knows
'O yes that's easier, how clever
Thank you' said I

The bright white outer layer removed
revealed a cat food box intricately cut.
Then playful poly-wrap with bubbles
that pop when squished.
(I enjoy to play as a boy !)
Layers next of fine dark blue tissue
with a carriage label attached
A private secret message from
A woman, an artist well read.

So unwrapped, lay a gift crafted by hand
In pride of place it now hangs
Captures early eastern light, flies
A Heron bright in clear centre panel
Etched, engraved forever in flight.
Our gratitude and thanks
to you dear liZZie

© MRL 2010

Dark chaos.

Darkness sweeps its cloak around us

drenches warm hearts to cool

desperate, morbidity forbears tears.

Long, still un-tidal nights flow raggedly

as misshapen dreams run wild, untamed

universal womb spins in chaotic time.

Ever silent solstice sun lies still

amid turmoil, mother earth She weeps

over wet rotted summers leaf - now gone.

Nature, nurtures near miracle, a shift

stirs skywards, time becomes unbent

Daylight has lengthened One minute.

Royally reborn, rested light returns to renew

fulfil ancient, unwritten charge - chaos is ordered.

The Sun returns vital and refreshed!

© 22 - 12 - 2008 MRL

The Charm.

In black purple cloak
a figure hidden
circles stone bare of foot

Owl's wing long dead
sweeps incense through
a white light night

Time to rhyme Moon
chant deep song
breathe intent charm

Quick as light
Bat dives and goes
In speed with feed

Chant alone chant together
Come sun warm rain
make flowers bloom

Shine petals bright
to feed Bees
for Druid Mead.

© MRL April 2008

The Hill of Tara

From the prominence of mound
Eye’s walk slowly across pastures
to where sunset merges green
and grey islands drift silently
in a rising tide of amber.
Our outstretched minds seek hungrily
a bread of landed sea-sky
to optically digest
the magic of a new dimension.

©MRL 2007

Spatial Battle

Unhindered swirling waves
born of an untamed power
rotated by Sun Moon energy
Whose long seas seek
scream a wild throaty roar

To smash the fortress cliffs
asunder; wet wearing winds
In unceasing hunger battle
Plunder an ancient guard
of old Devonian stone.
To reclaim space, land
on which to expand.
Pulverised rock - small sand
floods wide the old boundary
In pride of new sea-room !

©MRL Nov 2007


The Sparrow Hawk on patrol
soundless swift sweep of wing
Prey in sight divides light
To kill disappear beyond bright.

Creeps child of forest's edge
stop, listen, one white scream.
A rapid rapier's beak struck
twilight to red dark death.

A spiral hidden from sunlight
tunnels through black earth
Family cavern warm mourn
their rabbit summers first born.

©MRL NOV 2007


Only for the gracious cocoa bean
I would not be seen
upon the streets alive and well
instead my head
would be
Confined therein
a padded cell

O chocolate I do love
when all around me
go Mad
I eat a slab of the best
Fine and Dark
To stop me from
joining them
being Bad!
At night when all is quiet
I am alone to dwell
on frustrations of the day, Past.
Silently I slip away for a secret
I rip a dark rich bar
break in half!
and square by square
munch away.
Till endorphins do their work
and peace returns,
at Last!

My Goddess she comforts me
with subtly.
Her skin near black is velvet smooth
....... m'mmmm

My tongue laps, caresses her body
and as saliva gathers
I swallow her deep unto me

Know you then any better communion
to savour the wholly one
who is by another name

©MRL 2007


  1. Your poetry is absolutely superb and greatly under rated by those who ought to know better.

  2. love your words! and while i tried to choose a favorite or two i simply was unable to - although i do have a kindred spirit connection with your ode to my own secret lover chocolat! thanks so much for following along with me over at words unspoken - and don't be bashful about leaving comments there when you drop by! have a great day! ;)

  3. I have to comment on The Hill of Tara.

    "Our outstretched minds seek hungrily
    the magic of a new dimension."

    Indeed! I have found the bread of poetry to optically digest.

    Wonderful writing MRL.