Monday, February 20, 2012

02 - 2012

Margaret Price née Bailey

I remember Margaret.
From an early age in Kingsteignton
When hay was made in the old way.
The road men had a green shed on wheels
towed by a shiny green steamroller.
The nightwatchman had red lamps
to tend at the cross roads.
Other men of the road were tramps.

I remember Margaret
She had a tortoise and a pond with gold fish
and When happy which was often
her warm laughter tumbled, fluctuated
like golden leaves falling though sunlight.
She drove a pale green Austin car
over unadopted bumpy roads.

I remember Margaret
Her father, he embarrassed me
asking - My intentions to his daughter
An awkward question when you are 7
and she of twenty-four or five
I shared my philately plus chocolate
while listening to her laughter!

I remember Margaret
especially now for no more will
her chuckle ring alive in my ear
Serve only in memory.
Rest in peace my dear
Jan 3rd 1926 - Feb 6th 2012


  1. A beautiful insight into Margarets life and a memory well treasured. Some people touch our lives in ways which are so special that they live on for years in our memory and it is her laughter that now lives on in yours.

  2. Yes isn't it funny how certain people or things they did can have that kind of affect on us, although in my case it would not be laughter...anyway very nicely put!

  3. Absolutely beautiful - yet so so sad:(