Friday, April 13, 2012

03 -2012

Iníon Búi

She Bwee at dawn is golden, her form beauty
her breath vapour threads that spin to weave
waking dreams in our minds for so inspired
we cry for a filament to remain all day.

These lines were inspired from my inner vision
after hearing of Iníon Búi whose name means
golden haired one.She is the daughter of the Cailleach
(Bwee is the phoenetic of Búi)

© 13-04-2012


  1. Beautiful words. Occasionally, I have a dream I wish would stay but they always evaporate with the dew.

  2. What wonderful inner vision you have! Very well written.

  3. "We cry for a filament to remain all day" is a lovely, haunting line and rings true. I really like this poem.

  4. Mel,
    that is so incredibly beautiful...

  5. Many thanks for your kind comments. I felt after having written those few lines that burden of mourning had been lifted from me.