Wednesday, April 18, 2012

04 - 2012

Manannán and Maeve

Magical music of mountain mists
heard by attuned subtle ears
As swathes of vapour sing in high tone
to wash slow against jagged stone

Listen as deep bass notes enthrone
again old god Manannán whose feet
Chase and drum on hollowed cairn
awakening Maeve to link and dance 

Her gown rustles like wet leaves
in wind as a softly thumbed timbrel
Sings across fairy hill and dell
she their Queen and him the King

A royal couple in courtship hidden waltz
sheathed in opaque white glide serene
Through hazel woods to secret groves 
this ancient loving ritual ever continues.

© MRL 18th April 2012


  1. I like the lines:
    her gown rustles like wet leaves...
    chase and drum on hollowed cairn...
    as swathes of vapour sing...

    The words call up strong images.

    1. What happened, Melvyn? I used to follow your blog but my name was not there until now I've replaced it. I didn't remove it. I find it hard to understand these events within the blogosphere but it's good to be back again reading your poems, as resonant and evocative as ever.

  2. Carmel said: I loved reading your poems – very deep. I particularly like Manannán and Maeve – thats not to say the others aren't great, they are.

  3. As alliteration goes, I absolutely love your "Magical music of mountain mists" as an opening line. Thank you.