Monday, September 15, 2014

In memory

In memory 
or a new take on 
Cider with Rosie.

Dressed in black she cuts no slack
She totters along full of Gin
Glassy eyed and very thin
She keeps her clothes in a bin

I knew her once full of bounce
The over brave she would trounce
Designer clothes full of colour
Or was that her brother?

Was his name Phil, Jim or Mark
No matter both good for a lark
When lots cider pints were cozy
At the bar with Mark and Rosie.

      © MRL Sept 2014


  1. Brian F said: A good Poem.

    I think of two things, Behind every homeless person is a story. Luck and bad-luck is often a life changing event.
    I lied, we all have our day, year or decade's in the sun.

  2. Your poem contains pathos, Heron. Just like Laurie Lee in his book 'Cider With Rosie'.

    Your character reminds me of a young woman I once met in Glastonbury town. She was rather the worse for wear and said with sad intonation in her voice:

    "spare a pound mate."

    Which I did.

    "Cheers love".

    She said with the smile of an angel. There but for there grace of God go I.

    Great poem.

  3. I like this poem, not knowing the original Cider With Rosie, I think
    I would have enjoyed a drink of cider with Rosie and her brother.
    A good read indeed :)

    1. Thank you Rose.
      It is said that the author of Cider with Rosie, Laurie Lee based his book on his cousin with who he drank cider with under a hay cart.
      That lady died only the other week & I did not find that out until a couple days after I wrote the poem.