Sunday, October 5, 2014

National Poetry Day Ireland & UK

Self giving a poetry reading in an annexe of Birr Library.

National Poetry Day 2014

On October 2nd I gave an hour long poetry reading to a group of sixteen year old students from St Brendan's Community School in the library at Birr in celebration of the National Poetry Day.

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  1. You really have been very busy! Well done

  2. Ann ODyne has left a new comment on your post "National Poetry Day Ireland & UK":

    teenage boys and poetry reminds me of 4th Form 50+ years ago when our baby teacher of Eng Lit was Miss Scott who was reading to the class and as she got to 'gawd combs in her hair' noticed a boy whose attention understandably had wandered further than the highlands. They made Pibroch of Donuil Dhu eternally memorable for me when she snapped at him "Philip Blencowe what does Tennyson mean by 'gawd combs?"
    "I dunno, rollers or something"
    He's a policeman now.
    'Poem' must be the shortest word to achieve mellifluousness.
    Keep up the good work.