Sunday, February 15, 2015

The Tuareg Man

   This is a poem recently composed by an old friend of mine Lin Hennessy  who lives in Somerset UK. I slowly read it out loud to myself, twice and found it to be very soothing I hope it's images do the same for you.


The spirit of a tuareg man
              came to me, 
                    dressed in the light, the blue of the sky, the blue robes
     He danced for  me
            and for his land
                   so i could see,
   His bare feet touching, 
            on his beloved,
               The SAHARA.
Gentle,...... gentle,
         movement, his feet in tune with the land,
                 the shifting, golden sands
                            and the singing stars
He the axis.
            He wore the blue veil,
                   To hide his beauty
                        But,  I ,  can see his, beauty
                             The harmony of his land.
     So he taught,
           me how to dance again,
                 so i too, 
                          dancing the light,
                           dancing the land.
I thank him, for holding the light
Valentines day 2015

© Lin Hennessy

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