Wednesday, February 17, 2016

for Thea-Valerie

Come sit with me and let our minds drift
across a surface of polished water glass
Look deep beneath to see what arrives
Perhaps a memory of times past, 
An old yearning sweetly perfumed
As fresh as ever scintillates excites.

I sense your hand on my arm 
Warm and gentle your touch
As we walked a harbour side
It grieved me then knowing
That your dying was soon to be
On a date unknown to us both.

Today as I sit alone and not alone
I hear ripples of laughter,
her voice in deep bluesy songs
That echo from a hidden shore to mine
She is only half a whisper away 
so very very close yet I cannot see…..

© MRL 17-02- 2016


  1. Beautiful.
    My condolences on your loss.

    1. Many thanks Rachel. It has taken me years to put into words something meaningful.

  2. So touching, /.. that echo from a hidden shore to mine .. she is only half a whisper away../ brilliant writing extremely emotive I share your grief xx

    1. Thank you very much for your appreciation Rose. Thea was a talented person, an artist, singer, musician, poet and linguist; to be in her company was as intoxicating as champagne.

  3. Lovely, Mel. A wonderful tribute to someone you loved. I like what you have said in the last comment too 'to be in her company was as intoxicating as champagne'.

    1. Thanks for your appreciation Val. Thea and I were great friends and would spark off each other :)