Wednesday, April 27, 2016

On Discomfort and Pain

Any artist worth their salt would paint a different scene.

A poet would work his muse to sensibly soothe. 

A composer create a musical charm. 

A songster with vocal harmonics would bring comfort.

“Oh where are these masters of the arts ?”

© MRL April 2016


  1. Let me explain: my wife is an artist, me a poor poet, I have a friend a composer and another who is a singer and at the time I was not at all well :(

  2. Aww, poor boy, oozing with needy-ness :))) And not an artist about to comfort you :)))
    Great write though! Must have made you feel much better1

    1. I don't know Rose.... I did though remember that there was amongst my friends a Druid Herbalist with whom I was able to consult.
      May be I will work her into a poem one day. Thank you for the comment xxx